Why Antioxidents ?

Antioxidants are elements that offer a number of health benefits, and they have been touted as a possible preventative of diseases, ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's. Research suggests that antioxidants can indeed be effective in preventing a number of age-related diseases and keeps the human body fit and fine improving the immunity power.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a condition of disturbance in the natural oxidation process, such as the attraction of a free radical to another molecule which results in damage of body cells. Oxidative stress can cause many deadly diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. Antioxidants in Vitallin Plus helps to fight free radicle and and allow your body to do its business of excreting them safely and without harm.

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Rice Bran

Rice bran is the nutritional powerhouse of a rice grain. It is the outer covering of the endosperm of rice grain from the plant paddy, which serves as the barrier between outer husk and inner endosperm. Rice Bran is the byproduct of the rice milling process and it hold more than 2,000 antioxidants. Bran is particularly rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and contains significant quantities of starch, protein, vitamins, and dietary minerals. Nirapara uses highly sophisticated Buhler technology for separation of rice bran which is exclusively chosen over 400 different special varieties of paddy. Hence the world’s best underutilized food resource is converted into the most nutrient one with no chemicals added throughout the manufacturing process.

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The Natural source

of antioxidants without preservatives and additives

Vitallin plus is a great dietary addition for people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle. Made majorly out of rice bran and other vital ingredients such as turmeric, ragi, indian bean, barley, little millets and stevia, Vitallin offers convenient, allergy-free way to meet your daily nutrient and protein requirements while enjoying the added health benefits of brown rice. Our nutrient supplement is perfect for your busy routine life. Easy and quick to prepare, you don't have to skip breakfast ever again. Simply drink the powdered mix and you'll feel full and healthy without the guilt!

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